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ARIES, the Ram

March 21 - April 19

Favourable Colors: White & Red

Basic Profile: Outgoing, extravert, energetic, dynamic, courageous, generous, strong, extravagant but sometimes can be arrogant, insecure, jealous, concerned with looks and others' opinion

TAURUS, the Bull

April 20 - May 20

Favourable Colors: Green & Brown

Basic Profile: Conservative, sensible, responsible, meticulous, artistic, loyal consistent, dependable, generous, physically strong, sexual, but can be rigid, stubborn, selfish, suspicious, hot-tempered

GEMINI, the Twins

May 21 - June 21

Favourable Colors: Yellow

Basic Profile: Productive, articulate, intelligent, curious, persuasive, witty, young, clever, cheerful, explorer, smooth, smart, convincing, amusing, gregarious, ingenious, but can be obstinate, can talk too much, tense, cunning, superficial, fickle, shallow, inconsistent, superficial, irritating and irritable

CANCER, the Crab

June 22 - July 22

Favourable Colors: White, Silver

Basic Profile: Intuitive, sensitive, responsive, aware, family/home oriented, shy, understanding, feeling, imaginative, dependable, conservative, loving, but can be moody, touchy, prickly, hostile

LEO, the Lion

July 23 - Aug 22

Favourable Colors: Gold, Orange

Basic Profile: Outgoing, warm, friendly, generous, loyal, likable, entertaining, likes attention, confident, cherrful, creative, strong-willed, charismatic, proud, extrovert, but can be demanding, dogmatic, controlling, afraid of rejection

VIRGO, the Virgin

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Favourable Colors: Navy & Neutrals

Basic Profile: Analytical, rational, fair, methodical, talented, planner, hardworking, discriminating, tasteful, motivated, reserved, intelligent, creative, orderly, structured, but can be critical, rigid, sarcastic, snobbish, narrow-minded

LIBRA, the Scales

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Favourable Colors: Blues & Pastels

Basic Profile: Cosmopolitan, refined, amiable, sociable, happy, generous, realistic, charming, gracious, affectionate, balanced, diplomatic, easy-going, elegant, charming, flirtatious, committed, objective but can be indecisive, emotionally complex, vague, dependent, distant, argumentative, depressed, exhausted, materialistic, superficial, self-indulgent, easily-offended

SCORPIO, the Scorpion

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Favourable Colors: Dark Reds & Black

Basic Profile: Passionate, vibrant, magnetic, perceptive, emotional, sensual, alert, willful, determined, resourceful, purposeful, directed, dominant, ambitious, fearless, committed, intense, but can be obsessive, extreme, vengeful, jealous, spiteful, unforgiving, bully, menacing, possessive, arrogant


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Favourable Colors: Purple & Blue

Basic Profile: Independent, honest, optimistic, friendly, driven, freewheeling, free spirit, good-humored, casual, forthright, philosophical, restless, un-inhibited, , adventurous, intuitive, but can be self-righteous, rebellious, irresponsible, careless, inaccurate, superficial, impulsive, outspoken, candid


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Favourable Colors: Dark Green & Brown

Basic Profile: Determined, single-minded, directed, serious, productive, competitive, ambitious, patient, industrious, tenacious, conservative, strong, planning, a natural leader, self-disciplined, cool, reserved, dignified, authoritative, organized, goal-oriented, workaholic, responsible, relentless, traditional, goal-oriented, but can be rigid, egocentric, opportunistic, ruthless, thrifty, stingy, pessimistic, repressed

AQUARIUS, the Water-Bearer

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Favourable Colors: Electric Blue & Glow in the Dark Shades

Basic Profile: Progressive, original, idealist, altruistic, issue-oriented, charismatic, up-to-date, visionary, humanitarian, personable, imaginative, generous, inspiring, practical, congenial, casual, open-minded, amiable, inventive, off-beat, but can be rebellious, eccentric, thoughtless, contrarian, childish, aloof, uninvolved, obstinate, antisocial, unconventional, impressionable

PISCES, the Fish

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Favourable Colors: Sea Green & Lavender

Basic Profile: Sensitive, imaginative, multitalented, multifaceted, intuitive, compassionate, people oriented, sympathetic, receptive, big-hearted, generous, but can be escapist, unpredictable, irrational, gullible, passive, indecisive, weak, uncertain, clueless, vague, lethargic, vindictive, lazy, self-indulgent

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